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EMU-2 Calculator Emulation Software

Interactive software supplied on CD-Rom
Emulates the Aurora AX595TV calculator
Use with interactive whiteboards and projectors
Ideal teaching aid for calculator demonstrations
Improves class participation and understanding
Simple to install and easy to use
Compatible with Windows® operating systems
Multi-user single site license included.

The EMU-1 is calculator emulation software, which when
combined with an interactive whiteboard and projector will
beam a large electronic replica of the Aurora HC133, HC106
or EC240 calculator onto the whiteboard. This giant working
calculator is viewable to the whole class and can be used by
the teacher and students interactively. The whiteboard calculator
makes it much easier to demonstrate a calculation and also
makes it much easier for the students to follow the keystrokes
and calculation chain. The emulators provide a great solution for
introducing calculators to Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils and are
designed to fit into existing lesson plans and make the teaching
of correct calculator usage simple and easy to follow.

The emulator is licensed for use on a single site basis and can be used by an unlimited number of users on
the site. The software can be installed on an unlimited number of PC’s on the site or downloaded onto a server
and made available across the sites network. Compatible with Windows® operating systems (XP, Vista, 2000,
7 and 8). The EMU-1 is also included free of charge with the CK30 and CK12 and CK-ECO class sets.

  TrueView® Dot Matrix Display
TrueLogic® Algebraic Entry
A total of 254 Functions
LCM, GCD and I-Div functions
Slide on protective plastic case

The AX-595TV has a TrueView® dot matrix display, which is great for displaying fractions and mathematical operators exactly as you would find them in a textbook. Combine this with TrueLogic® Algebraic entry and you have a great calculator suitable for use on all UK exams, that permit the use of calculators.

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  CD Outer Carton
Quantity 1 25
Dimensions (mm) 140x125x10 144x129x254
Weight (Kg) 0.05 1.3
Barcode 6925781452753 TBA




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