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SP1000 Sharpening and Lubrication Sheets

The Aurora SP1000 sharpening and lubrication
sheets are the ideal solution to help keep your
shredder in optimal working condition and prolong
your shredders life. Each sheet contains a natural
grinding powder which with regular use helps to
keep the cutting blades sharp and clean. In
addition each sheet is impregnated with just the
right amount of shredder lubricant to help keep the
moving surfaces well greased and operating smoothly.

12 Sheets per pack
Sharpens blades
Lubricates blades
Reduces noise
Reduces paper dust
Prevents rusting

The SP1000 contains 12 sheets, simply insert one complete sheet into the shredder and shred normally, once the sheet is shredded place the shredder into reverse for a short period to complete the maintenance process. The SP1000 is easy to use, creates no mess unlike shredder oil and is compatible with all shredders that require lubricating. The recommended usage is at least once a
month to maintain maximum shredder performance.

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  Unit Gift Box Sub Carton Master Carton
Quantity 1 12 48
Dimensions (mm) 180x220x13 230x185x200 483x393x232
Weight (Kg) 0.197 2.6 10.4
Barcode 6925781451374 6925781452418 6925781452425








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